The Plan Set

The Plan Set

What you get:-
The following drawings and instructions are included in the Plan Set:-

DescriptionFile Names(s)
Summary of Plan Set contentsmaya_readme_1st.pdf
Construction Manualmaya_manual_revX_pub08.pdf
3-View arrangement drawingmaya_00V_revX_pub.pdf
Manufacturing Drawings, 12 sheets - Large FormatMaya_Published_{sht-ID}_revX.pdf
Rib Pattern Drawing - Large Formatmaya_13P_revX_x995y100_pub.pdf
Form for recording and calculating aircraft weight & Centre of Gravitymaya_aircraft_weighing_record_revA_pub10.pdf
Drawings for battery box modification - Format A0maya_14B_revX_pub.pdf

What you can do with what you get:-
Technical drawings and manuals for the Maya are intended as educational and instructive as to the structural and mechanical features employed in that aircraft.

  • Comment authoring is allowed on all technical drawings (eg. comment balloons), and the commented documents can be saved for future personal reference.
  • Apart from adding comments, all technical drawings are password protected against content copying or modification.
  • The 3 view drawing and battery box modification drawings can be distributed freely provided they are not altered and no fee is charged.
  • The production drawings (sheets 1 to 13) are watermarked and are for the sole use of the registered licensee.
  • If printing pdf content onto paper it is recommended that a minimum printer size of A3 be used. Production drawings can be printed as “Poster” with “Tile Scale” 50% while other drawings can be printed as “Size” with “Fit” selected.
  • With access to wide format printing the production drawings can be printed at 50% on a paper roll 420mm wide.
  • Sheet 13 (maya_13P, showing rib patterns) needs to be printed at full size on a paper roll, minimum width 762mm (30″).

Example drawing – 3 View:-