The Designer

The Designer

In the beginning

I have held a fascination for flight as long as I can remember. As a child my father showed us 16 mm films, in particular a very old title called “Chimp the Aviator”.

GrahamThis is an unremarkable short film about a chimp who is eager to fly with his owner in an old biplane. The chimp races down the strip and climbs on to the tail of the aircraft at the last moment. Once in the air the chimp climbs all about the wings of the aircraft much to the chagrin of the pilot, but he is persuaded to sit quietly on the wing where he eats his lunch. This includes sandwiches and a banana, the skin of which he drops from the aircraft and watches as it drops to the ground. Later after landing the chimp is walking back to the club house where upon he trips on the discarded banana peel and then has a word with himself.

It seemed like a one in a million chance, so I was surprised every time he slipped on his own banana peel.

When I was older I took to building rubber powered models and of course motorized models of the control line variety and eventually to remote control.

For my fifteenth birthday I received a joy flight in a Cessna 150! I thought that was brilliant, and better still the pilot let me fly it for a while!

The Engineer in us all

It seemed that the technical side of aviation could be of great interest so I looked to Professional Engineering. What better way of becoming involved in aviation than to learn how to design an aeroplane? Voila!