The Dream

The Dream

My own design, the “Maya”

I was working through a project build of the open cockpit Hovey Whing Ding early in 1978 when I hatched the idea of designing a fully enclosed ultralight with full section wings and tail surfaces. I reasoned that it would be possible to keep to the 400 lb all-up-weight required by local air navigation rules and that I could come up with something in about six months!

So I set to work. I started with performance estimates of course, as you do. In the course of design I built two mockups and after many design changes I finished the prototype over Christmas 1985.

I finished with an empty weight of 248 lb and a top speed of 60 mph, with a 4 cylinder Konig SD-570 engine of just 28 hp (at an All-Up-Weight of 424lb). Maximum all-up-weight is 480 lb which is well within the most recent local regulations. It seems to me to be the easiest thing to fly and looks very “aeroplane” like in the air!

Design had taken an estimated 8000 hours while construction took around 1500 hours. Material costs were around AU$7500 around that time.